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We give children a headstart!

Strongly individualized care of children and teaching English with native speakers

The project of English Monty Preschool was first launched in September 2005 and met with very positive feedback. Its founders, Alexandra and Petr Vidlák, created the first English preschool in Ostrava and the entire region. The interest in the coming months and years showed that  this completely new type of education form for children from 3 to 6 years had been wanted in Ostrava for a long time, but Monty was the first one which was able to fully satisfy this demand.

The main principles of Monty from the very beginning are especially individualization of care and teaching by native British English speakers. Only through these main pillars it is possible to achieve results that they both parents and founders of the Monty preschool expect. These principles have been gradually transferred to other parts of the education Monty portfolio, such as the nursery for children from 1 year, which was founded in 2007, Monty Primary School, which started in September 2008, and High School will be ready for new students in 2018.

Even in English courses, it appears that individual lessons or small group work is effective. We can see the results because our students pass the prestigious Cambridge exams without problems. Children attending Monty preschool and school achieve practical bilingualism, which is very important  for their future competitiveness in the labor market. Monty is also able to provide care for very specific foreign clients, at all educational levels.

In Ostrava there are many foreign companies whose employees and their families come and demand education and care for their children in English.

Monty School provides education for pupils from the 1st to the 9th grade of compulsory schooling and for 15 to 19 years old students of High School . The school is registered in the Register of Schools and the Register of School Legal Entities of Ministry of Education and is an official part of the Czech school education system with all obligations. Monty Primary School focuses on the linguistic preparation of students and teaching CLIL method in the context of so-called integrated thematic instruction. The school is unique by the fact that in each class there is a maximum of 16 children and two teachers, one British and one Czech. In connection with the search for new financial sources the school took advantage of the implementation of additional activities also in extracurricular activities, language learning and teaching.

Monty aims to be a modern, progressive education center at the highest level, which serves children 1 to 15 years. All the steps of the company have been moving towards this goal.

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