Monty School’s approach to pupils

Children-friendly school

  • Pupils call the teachers by their first names.
  • Good manners are always part of the curriculum.
  • Lessons are run not only in the classes, the pupils are not divided solely according to their ages, they are divided into small cooperating groups.
  • Pupils work on their projects individually but also in groups.
  • There are the most modern teaching aids, including interactive boards, computers and others.

Pupils are guided to

  • Develop their vocabulary and communication skills in English, absorb knowledge expected of an elementary school pupil.
  • Be able to work independently, help each other and younger, differently-abled and less-fortunate peers, and respect adults and seniors.
  • Acquire the principles of democratic decision-making and actions, behave tolerantly and with respect for others.
  • Be hungry for knowledge and new information, see the world around them in context.
  • Be able to identify natural, cultural and human values.
  • Be aware of their position in their region, state, Europe and the world.

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